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Protesting for Environment

Environments are both man-made and natural, but the current state of the world cannot afford more harm to the existing order of things. Today, even if a man-made environment is under threat of further construction that harms the lives of farms, people, wild and domesticated animals, streams, rivers, oceans, indigenous populations, cities, it is only moral to protest.

There are many small, regional protests around the world that are at war against corporate firms and corporate governance, that, under the guise of leadership and democracy assume development in only concrete and steel. Whereas true development should mean embracing alternate ways of living in harmony with technology, people and the natural world.

Protesting for Environment focuses on the different ways that people around the world have been resisting the destruction to the environment or their small scale spaces. Protesting for Environment might mean coming up with alternate scenarios, by bringing attention to an injustice being done by regional authorities or the power imbalances created by the advent of new technologies in our current capitalist setup. In the end, we are aiming to highlight, solve and think about designs and  communications that focus on protection and protest in favor of true sustainability.

Residents of 2023 ︎︎︎

Johnny Chen
Twee Whistler
Kio Zhu

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Security and Surveillance

Creators from all over the world, each with a unique political background, have come together to understand their local politics and local design. Satellite 2022 specifically seeks to critique organized security and informational surveillance in our communities. The 21st century world has a very different idea about what security means, who it is provided by and why ‘safety’ has become more and more convoluted than it was ever meant to be. Security is about trust, and there is very little of it left in the organized armed forces provided by States. The idea of security, surveillance and the right to self-determination have become deeply and dangerously embroiled with economic politics of the world. The need for safety has also expanded to virtual space and we have barely begun to understand what those two words in conjunction will mean.

For Satellite 2022, participants from the United States, Pakistan, Taiwan, Italy, China, and Kashmir are focusing on their regional and communal politics.

Residents of 2022︎︎︎

Cinzia Bongino

#ArtificialSatellites #SpaceInfrastructure #RemoteSensing

Hailing Liu

#SocialCommentary #GraphicNovelInDevelopment #ThisIsAStoryHappensinChina #SportGamesMascot #OverworkingCommuter

Musa Ghaznavi

#Newspaper #Migration #Media #Mâché

Rahma Shahid

#Landgrabbing #Military #RiverCity #AgriculturalLand #Security

Rio Chen

#Communication #Misinformation #FakeNews

Sidra Khawaja

#Decolonization #Kashmir #Conflict


#CivilDisobedience #PublicPowerEndowedByThePeople #Authority #UnsettledGround